Ink Lounge is a single person, multi-disciplinary creative studio where every project begins as a mission to understand the objective and create positive results. I design materials with compelling messages to engage your audience to action. I share and apply my expertise on screen printing to help your project come to life. And I support the community by creating unique events and opportunities that allow many to participate.

Please take a few minutes to explore the site, as you'll find that I truly do have a multitude of resources and skills available to help you navigate your story to initiate your own success.


Branding & Messaging

Collaborating with organizations to create and strengthen the foundation of their brand.

Graphic Design

Producing materials to support organizations' initiatives that encourages customer action.


Creating compelling imagery to support the conceptual direction & engage the audience.


The commercial components of the studio enable me to fund initiatives and apply my creative skills to support our community and give actions to my words.

Exhibit: Mini Vacation


To celebrate Month of Photography Denver I'm featuring original photos I've taken around the world that I'm reproducing as limited edition photo screen prints. 50% of sales benefit Access Gallery.

Event: L!BERTee-Shirt Printing

NEXT DATE Saturday, March 2O, 2pm-3pm

I've been donating my skills and resources as a designer and screen printer to help give social issues awareness as I believe many of US want to be involved and support others.


Exploring is Free

Please visit the virtual tour page to learn more about the studio and set up an in-person tour.

Commercial Poster Screen Printing

The studio's focus is gig posters, limited edition art prints, and other flatstock items.

Screen Exposure for Local Printers

New screens available or provide your own.

Open Studio for Screen Printers

Rent studio space to screen print by the hour.

Private Screen Print Workshop

I’ve been teaching screen printing since 2008, and have developed a format to help you gain a solid foundation of the process.

Good Ink for Youth

Graphic design and screen printing can be used to support social issues so I donate time to speak to schools and youth organizations and give them a chance to pull a print.



(303) 321-7101

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