Graphic design and screen printing can be used to support social issues so I donate my time to speak to schools and non-profit youth organizations to give them a chance to pull a print and learn about art as a vehicle for social justice.

You can bring youth here for a tour of the studio, or I can visit your school/organization–in either option each youth gets the chance to pull some ink through a screen. Paper is free–shirts you can supply or I can help order. I have plenty of printed examples to share so the students will get a good overview of the process and I am happy to answer all their questions.

REMINDER > Workshops are for youth, K-12 to university level and youth focused non-profits only.
LOCATION > Ink Lounge is located in the Baker neighborhood just south of downtown Denver, CO

PLEASE NOTE > Youth workshops will resume beginning May 17, 2021 as I will be 100% vaccinated.

Free Workshops

Each student will pull the same print that is provided by their organization or an Ink Lounge design. I do require these to be social issues to allow me to talk about how art can support the community. Cost is free with the exception of shirts and/or long distance travel.

VISIT INK LOUNGE Up to 15+ attendees,
with 1-2 screens

VISIT YOUR LOCATION Up to 30+ attendees,
with 1-2 screens

AMOUNT OF TIME Approximately 1-1.5 hours

Fee-Based Workshops

If you have a group with a social issue project, please call to discuss as there may be some options available. I will do my best to donate as much as possible. The main issue is amount of screens that greatly increases the amount of prep time for the workshop.

COST: TBD based on project

LOCATION: TBD based on needs of project


Additional Info

DAYS AVAILABLE Monday-Friday, generally 10am-4pm. If your organization meets after 5pm, or only on weekends I may have some flexibility to accommodate.

PLEASE NOTE There will be times I am unavailable due to my work schedule as I am a solo person studio.


Generally it is best to call to discuss so we can see what options are going to provide the best experience for your expectations.

Stuart Alden (303) 321-7101

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(303) 321-7101