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The following is a list of supplies I personally use to screen print at the studio. I am not being paid to endorse any of these products or companies, it's simply what I use to produce my work and where I currently purchase. There are alternatives to many of the items and I continually adjust based on availability and the needs of my studio.


Supplies / Equipment

You may be able to get some of the supplies local to Denver, call first to check:  Guiry's / Meininger / Woohoo

Aluminum Screens: standard sizes 18"x20" 20"x24" 23"x31" 25"x36" / link

Custom Screens: Valley Litho call to order / 1-800-826-6781 / link

Remesh or New Screens Local: Woohoo screen print supplies / link

Inkjet Printers: Epson xp-15000 8.5"x11" to 13"x19" / Epson Surecolor t3270 24" wide roll printer / google seach

Inkjet Transparency Film: single sheets 8.5"x11" 11"x17" 13"x19" or roll 24" wide x 100ft/ link

Diazo Emulsion: Ulano 925wr-p / link

Scoop Coaters: various sizes / link

Stencil Remover: Ulano #4 / link

Tape for Screens: roughly 2" wide / link / Home Depot

Screen Printing Ink: Speedball fabric + acrylic / link / Meininger, Guiry's

speedball Screen Filler: to spot pinholes in screen / google or check Meininger, Guiry's

Speedball Speed Clean: to clean and remove water based ink from screens / google or check Meininger, Guiry's

Squeegees: online at atlas or check local listed below

Cover Weight Paper for Posters: French Paper Company 80c-100c-140c / link

Speedball Hinge Clamps: check local / link

Manual T-shirt Presses Used: HomeBased

Platen Tape: i just buy the standard / link

Pallet Adhesive: Sgreen adhesive water-based pallet adhesive / link

Wholesale T-shirts: set up a commercial account with Alphabroder / link

Utility Cart: Ikea - I love these! / link

Additional Equipment: exposure units, washout booths, manual presses, etc. / varies by company

Local: Grimco (Midwest Sign & Screen Printing Supply Co) / Woohoo '

Online: Atlas Screen Supply or Ryonet

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