Ink Lounge is hidden down an alley south of downtown Denver, CO, and it is truly unlike any other creative studio in the universe–both in function and aesthetic. Upon entering, where I teach screen printing workshops to all ages, you're greeted by walls of posters. When I'm not teaching, local screen printers can rent by the hour to print their own projects.

As you move further in, the studio evolves into a proper commercial poster screen printing facility an area for me to work on graphic design projects or personal creative projects. The studio is also chock full of items from all aspects of my life that have their own little tales to tell. From robots and trinkets I had as a kid, to souvenirs from places I've traveled, all kinds of space things I've collected, to things to remind me of the people that are important to me.


If you're ever in need of a break, and going to be in the area, feel free to give a call as I'm more than happy to show off the space and share some of my experiences here at Ink Lounge.

PLEASE NOTE > Studio tours will resume beginning June 2021 as I will be 100% vaccinated.

ADDRESS 29 S Fox Street, Denver CO 80223 > CONTACT (303) 321-7101 or stuart@inklounge.com
HOURS AVAILABLE Monday–Friday, 10am-2pm > Closed Weekends & Holidays



(303) 321-7101