Craft. Not Crafty.

This introduction workshop is for those who are serious about learning the craft of screen printing from start-to-finish where you will learn how to screen print on either fabric or paper using water-based inks. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of the process that you can apply to your own projects and studio. It is only taught as a private lesson where you'll focus on either paper or fabric. Once you've taken this full process workshop you are eligible to schedule Open Studio that currently has limited availability due to the virus. Taught by graphic designer Stuart Alden, who screen prints posters commercially.

lunch included

Dates: M-F, scheduled as available | Time: 10am-3pm | Max Class Size: 2 same house/company | Age: 18+

From Start to Finish: proper screen selection, file requirements, exposing screens, registration, ink systems, printing techniques, troubleshooting, reclaiming screens, and more...

Paper or Fabric: For the private lesson you will need to choose either paper or fabric as your focus as there isn't time to teach both processes in one lesson due to the differences in file setup, equipment, printing registration, and printing techniques.

For paper you will print your design as a 2-color print on 8 sheets of paper that are provided. Paper registration and printing will be taught using standard table clamps.

For fabric you will print your design as a 2-color print on up to 6 T-shirts you bring and taught on a 4-arm manual press. PLEASE NOTE: various sizes/colors is OK within an age group (all adult, all youth, etc.)

Art: You will be required to submit your art for approval 3-4 days before the workshop. More information below on specifications and uploading files.

Instructor: taught by Stuart Alden, owner of Ink Lounge and a graphic designer, who professionally screen prints gig posters and art prints for local and national clients. He's also has done plenty of fabric printing where throughout the workshop he'll share insights about the industry as a whole. Poster Portfolio

QUESTIONS? (303) 321-7101

File Due 3-5 Days Prior to Workshop

This enables me to confirm printability. You also have the option of using an image I have here that is good for learning the process.

Please Note: You are required to send a file or use a provided image as we do not create art on site. If you do not submit a file you will be required to use the Ink Lounge file.

Image Rights

In a simplified explanation: You are not allowed to take another artists image (photo, illustration, design, painting, etc.) and make a screen print from it unless you have the permission from the original artist. Examples include logos from your favorite sports teams, illustrations you find on Etsy, photos from the internet, etc. We prefer to start people out with a fairly good understanding of image usage and hope you don’t feel discouraged by all the legal stuff below.

Please click here read as all are required to adhere to the policy.

File Requirements

Art Size: all workshop images have a maximum size of approximately 10x13 inches, unless otherwise confirmed prior to workshop.

Art as a Positive: whatever is black will be the ink color and will be used to expose the stencil for printing. No need to reverse, invert, mirror, etc. The black image will be what you print, although you can pick any color to print with.

File Color: file submitted must be solid black with no grey tones, as that will effect the exposure process. Full color illustrations or photos are not permitted.

File DPI (dots per inch): images must be sent at 100% size you want to print it, all files should be a minimum of 150dpi. For best results 300dpi.

Layers: file needs to be set up in 2 layers with each color on it's own layer.

File Formats: PDF, JPG, AI, PSD, EPS may be acceptable and will confirm once sent

File Prep for Paper: if you're familair with Photoshop or Illustrator I do have a page that goes over trapping files for paper: more info

Design Tips

Line Width: please keep your lines 1pt and larger, especially for fabric printing. If drawing by hand, 1 ink pen line is too thin, but 2-3 thicknesses and you'll be fine. In Photoshop, at 300dpi and 100% size, 5 pixels is about 1pt.

Solids: for beginning printers I recommend not using large solid areas. Large text, patterns, and thick line illustrations all work great.

Fonts: if you are designing in Adobe Illustrator and have text in your file, please convert all fonts to shapes. If working in a text program, Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign, please send file as a PDF. Adobe Photoshop, send as a rasterized jpg.

Paper or Fabric*?

Don't forget to select either paper or fabric for the workshop as the screen mesh and printing is slightly different. You will print your image as either 6 fabric prints, 1-side (fabric not included), or 8 - 10x13 paper prints (paper is included where we print on 4-8 different colors). Fabric registration and printing will be taught on a 4-arm fabric press, paper registration and printing will taught using table clamps.

*Please Note: For fabric printing, please make sure T-shirts are flat for the printing area – no zippers, pockets, textured items as you will get unexpected results. Various sizes is OK within an age group (all adult, all youth, etc.) and a reminder that you will only be printing on 1 side.

Quick Bits

I have aprons for you to wear, but don't wear your fancy pants. Comfy shoes are also good as we're standing for most of the workshop. Snacks and beverages are fine to bring, but no alcohol. We do our best to keep on time, please make sure you are here and ready to go by start time. Any questions, just give me a call at (303) 321-7101 or send an email. Thanks!

Entrance & Parking

Main entrance is located on the west side of the building, accessible through the alley. PLEASE NOTE: Alley entrance is only accessible from Ellsworth, between Fox and Galapago. Look for the big sign!

There are 3 spots available plus a 15 minute drop off/pick up spot. If they are full you can also street park and walk down the alley. Weekends you can park in any of the back spots.


File Upload Form

File Info & More Details

Please review all specifications before submitting your file. The following guidelines are meant to assist you in having a good experience. Some of the information may make you scratch your head, but once you take the workshop all the info below will be much more clear. If you need assistance please call Stu at (303) 321-7101 or email with any questions.

Health & Safety: masks are required 100% of the time – gloves are provided to wear, temp check plus plenty of hand sanitizer

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds, but you may reschedule once or gift to a friend. There are no refunds for not showing up.




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