Signs of the Time 2022

Having a yard sign is a lot like having a public social media account as it allows anyone passing by a glimpse of your character. You support your community and you're not afraid to let the world know it!

March 2022: These 6 signs are a continuation of an exhibit I created in 2020 to give all of U.S. an opportunity to show those that need our support they are not alone. The back of each sign has the "VOTE" message in a blue metallic ink.

100% of the profits ($500+) was donated to support local non-profits as I create these to make a difference, not a profit. Unsold signs were donated before the 2022 election, but I kept one set to have on display.

Artist: Stuart Alden, Ink Lounge, Denver, CO / Medium: 18x24 Screen Printed Yard Signs
Location: the Ink Lounge GalleRy entrance is only accessible from Ellsworth, between S Fox and S Galapago.
Dates of Exhibit: currently on display through end of January 2023.
Open Hours: it is all outside, so you can visit anytime. If I'm here during open hours (usually 10am-4pm), you're welcome to come inside to see other exhibits that are on display.


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Larger than life S!GNs from the 2020 exhibit are displayed on the GalleRy wall. Visit the Good Ink Missions to see images from the 2020 exhibit.


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