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Talk is Cheap | So is Ink & Paper

For current social causes, protests and nonprofit community events that could use 1-color screen printed items (posters, fliers, T-shirts, etc), I'm testing out the following as a way to help out and still cover some of my studio expenses. Ultimately this allows me to keep up the good fights and support our community.

I’ll donate a minimum of 50% (more if possible) of my time where materials will be charged at cost. If you need design and messaging help, I’ll donate as much of that as possible as well. I am a 1-person shop so I will do my best to help as many requests as possible.

I’m also primarily a poster printer, but I do have the ability and equipment to do small runs of 1-color shirts. If your needs are past my abilities I have some people I can recommend.

PLEASE NOTE: For more involved projects I’m happy to discuss what I can do to help support your needs and cause. For poster runs of multiple colors I can usually donate at least 1 color, but we can chat.

To Get Started: please fill out the following project description form so I have as many details as possible to start a conversation.


This support is only for groups that are inclusive and working towards positive change in our society. If you are are needing paper screen printed items that you are selling for profit or using for marketing needs, please visit this estimate page. If you are in need of traditional T-shirt printing, please visit Black Out Screen Printing.


My name is Stu and I can be reached at (303) 321-7101 or

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