Open Studio is setup for paper or fabric screen printers, using water-based inks, that need a dedicated space and equipment to work on their own projects independently. There are Skill Modules available for additional training, and I am available to give advice on printing issues that may come up. My mission is to make sure you are successful, the equipment is used properly, and the studio is kept in good condition for the benefit of everyone.


MASKS RECOMMENDED, REQUIRED IF UNVACCINATED. Currently only 1 printer per session–helpers are allowed. Files must be submitted with Open Studio Request Form.


If form is not showing up please refresh page.


Included in Hourly Studio Fee

PRINT STATIONS (4) Approximately 8ft x 3ft bench with rolling carts.

TABLE CLAMPS Each station has a set of table clamps and you can print up to 18x24 prints.

DRYING RACKS Various sized drying racks on casters to move about as needed.

FABRIC PRESSES (4) 2 HBE 1 Color/1 Station Press and 2 HBE 4 Color/1 Station Press.

FLASH DRYER (1) Mobile heating element to flash between colors.

HEAT PRESSES (2) Sizes 15x15 and 16x20

SCREENS (20+) Aluminum screens 18x20 to 23x31 with mesh count from 110-230.

EXPOSURE UNITS (2) Each can expose a screen up to 30x40 with 8 minute exposure.

WASHOUT BOOTHS (2) Each have a garden hose for screen prep and pressure washer for reclaiming screens.

ULANO 925 WR EMULSION diazo-photopolymer emulsion that creates completely water resistant stencils that are very durable.

SQUEEGEES Multiple squeegees 70 durometer from 8 inch to 20 inch wide.

Once form is submitted I will do my best to confirm within 1 business day.


$16/HOUR Includes your own print station, use of screens and materials for coating, prepping and reclaiming.

SPEEDBALL INK $1.25/OZ Fabric and paper inks are available, and you may bring your own if water-based–PLASTISOL IS NOT ALLOWED.

FILM FEES 8.5x11=$2, 11x17=$4, 13x19=$5, 18x24=$12, larger available on request


If you've taken the Intro Workshop you are eligible to schedule Open Studio and add Skill Modules to cover the additional steps necessary to become a fully independent screen printer.

If you have not taken the Ink Lounge Intro Workshop, but have previous screen printing experience, you may add Skill Modules based on your needs.

You may only add 1 Skill Module per Open Studio session due to the time commitment with the exception of the Studio Orientation.

You may not print multiple colors until you have completed the Screen Registration Module. Exceptions may apply for those with previous screen printing experience.

Fees Include 1 Hour of Open Studio

This is for individuals that have previous screen printing experience, but have not taken the Intro Workshop. PLEASE NOTE This is not training, just making sure you know where supplies are located, exposure times, etc.

Covers the necessary steps to align the screen for 1-color screen printing using your own art for either paper or fabric. For fabric you will use a 1-arm manual press. For paper you will use the Speedball table clamps. Includes Ink Lounge doing the screen prep for this initial session.

2 / SCREEN PREP / $50
Covers the necessary steps to create the stencil on the screen in order to screen print your image: selecting proper size and mesh count, emulsion & coating, exposing photo emulsion to create stencil, and reclaiming the screen (removing image) upon completion of printing.

Covers registration for screen printing multiple colors using your own art. I'll also address items that are specific to paper or fabric.


Open Studio is not a drop in situation, please fill out the form to request a time. You may also call to check availability, but a form will still be required to book session.

Last pull at 30 minutes prior to studio closing in order to give you time to clean up, reclaim screens and/or heat set fabric items.

Files must be submitted at the same time you request an appointment as computer station is currently unavailable to the public.


In order to use Open Studio all printers are required to adhere to the Ink Lounge policy.


Please visit the Virtual Tour page to learn more about the studio and set up an in-person tour.