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March 26 Update: Due to the current virus situation Ink Lounge is closed.


Open Studio is not a drop in situation as I often run workshops that take up the entire studio. But I will do my best to accommodate everyones schedule.

Open Studio is not an opportunity to bring your clients or friends in for a demonstration as it is disruptive to the working environment of the studio.

Please be on time as I stagger printers by 30 minutes so we don't have overlap in coating and exposing.

• Last pull at 30 minutes prior to studio closing in order to give you time to clean up, reclaim screens and/or heat set fabric items.

Your files need to be ready to print to transparencies.

You can bring a helper, but you are the one doing the printing.

Image Rights Please click to read as all are required to adhere to the policy

Practice, print, repeat.

I offer my workshop area for screen printers since it is not in use 100% of the time. Please read all the information thoroughly as you must be able to print independently and abide by the studio rules.

Open Studio is for water-based ink screen printers that are able to print independently without instruction including screen exposure and screen reclaiming. I am here to help print transparencies and give advice on printing issues that may come up where in the end my goal is to make sure you are efficient and successful – and the studio equipment is used properly and kept in good condition for the benefit of all screen printers.

$10 hourly fee includes: your own printing area, use of Ink Lounge screens and materials for coating, prepping and reclaiming. Please read information below for additional fees on consumable items: inks, transparencies, paper, etc.

Refreshers: $50 + 45-60 minutes each

Refreshers may be added to an open studio session, but are only for people that already know how to print where you need some reminders on the process. If you have never been to Ink Lounge and wish to use Open Studio, you are required to take the Screen Prep to become familiar with the studio setup. If you need both refreshers, then you would need to take the Introduction to Screen Printing workshop.

$50 screen prep refresher: covers screen mesh, coating, exposing, reclaiming, and printing transparencies. Please note: it does not cover file set-up, registration, or printing.

$50 registration refresher: covers adding registration marks, printing transparencies, and 2-color alignment on either paper or fabric. This option is also good if you know how to print and register on fabric, and would now like to learn on paper, or vice versa. Please note: it does not cover prepping, exposing and reclaiming screens, or printing.

Open Studio Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am-5pm

Please fill out the Open Studio Request Form to get started. I will do my best to confirm within 1 business day.

Open Studio Fees

Printing Templates & Trapping Info

Download on Resource Page

Open Studio Rates

• $10/hr that includes your own printing table, use of screens, emulsion, exposure unit, wash-out booth, tape, etc.
Please note: we do not accept cash,
CC or check only.

1 hour minimum

$50: screen prep refresher if requested
$50: registration refresher if requested


You are required to bring your own materials to print on, although I do have a limited supply of 20x26 cover weight paper in many colors. Fee is$1/sheet which I can cut to smaller sizes. Call to check (303) 321-7101.


Ink: $1.25/oz | Jar is weighed before and after to charge accurately. You may bring your own as long as it is water-based –  plastisol is not allowed.


I only print transparencies for open studio printers and screen prep orders.

8.5x11=$2 | 11x17=$4 | 13x19=$5
NEW 18x24=$15

Screen Sizes Available

18x20 (approximately 10x12 image)
20x24 (approximately 12x16 image)
23x31 (approximately 15x23 image)
25x36 (approximately 18x24 image)

Entrance & Parking

The main entrance is located on the west side of the building, accessible through the alley. PLEASE NOTE: Alley entrance is only accessible from Ellsworth, between Fox and Galapago. Look for the big sign!

There are 3 spots available plus a 15 minute drop off/pick up spot. If they are full you can also street park and walk down the alley.

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Please Call First: Weekdays, 10:00am–5:00pm | Address: 29 S Fox Street, Denver, CO 80223

Email: stu@inklounge.com | Phone: (303) 321-7101 | MAP & PARKING INFO