Indie 102.3’s Monthly Local 303 Meetup

Date: Monday October 30 / Time: 6:30pm-9:00pm
Community Partner: Indie 102.3 / Colorado Public Radio
Location: Bobcat Club at Skylark Lounge, 140 S Broadway, Denver, 80209 / map

Event Details

Ink Lounge is donating 50 album sized screen prints each month to support Colorado Public Radio Indie 102.3 that will only be available at the monthly Local 303 Meetup. Donate $5-$10 to get one of these special releases to start or add to your collection!

What is the Local 303? It’s Indie 102.3’s monthly program spotlighting Colorado musicians spanning genres. Come hang out with the bands and the Indie staff for an in-person hang at Skylark Lounge as we celebrate the Local 303 lineup. The event will also feature a performance by one of the bands each month. The event is open to the public, 21+ and no tickets are required. More Details

New Design Every Month!

October Meetup / Design by Ink Lounge

September Meetup / Design by Cal Duran

August Meetup / Design by Ink Lounge

July Meetup / Design by Ink Lounge

June Meetup / Design by Empath Art

May Meetup / Design by Ink Lounge

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