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Screen print your own art on fabric and paper.

Time: 6 hours / 10:00am-4:00pm / Saturdays / Dates Listed Below
Workshop Size: 4 attendees max / Age Requirement: 18+

Registration Fee: $225 includes Speedball instructional workbook, Ink Lounge course guide, 1 test shirt, 8 sheets paper, and lunch/beverages.

Overview: learn the entire process and screen print your own 2 unique designs on 8 sheets of paper that are provided and up to 6 fabric items you provide. During the workshop you will complete all the steps necessary including screen prep, print registration, printing, screen reclaiming, curing shirts, etc. I will also demonstrate a 2-color fabric print, cover basic file set-up, trouble-shoot, and go into details on the equipment/materials necessary for screen printing using water-based inks.

This workshop provides a thorough hands-on experience of the entire process and includes 1 free Open Studio session. See below for details.*


Bring Your Own Fabric Items: for fabric you are required to provide your own items (T-shirts, totes, tea towels, etc.) that must be flat with no pockets, zippers, etc. and may bring up to 6 fabric items. All items must all be the same type of item due to printing set-up. For example shirts can be different sizes/colors, but all the same style. Best if fabric is a natural fiber but a 50/50 cotton/poly blend works fine.

Submit Your Own Design: use your own 1-color art/designs for the learning process. Files are due a minimum of 2 days prior to the workshop or Ink Lounge will provide an image for you to learn the process. After you register please visit the link below for more information on acceptable file formats, sizes, and how to submit your design.

Image Rights: please review Ink Lounge Image Rights Policy to make sure your image adheres to the studio image usage policy.

Choose 1 Color of Ink: designs are required to be 1-color but you get to choose your own ink color to screen print your design and items in that color. All inks are water-based acrylics / plastisol inks are not used.

Aprons Provided: screen printing is actually a fairly clean process, but I do have aprons for you to wear.

Wear Comfy Shoes: you will be on your feet 95% of the time.

Masks are Optional: I personally tend to go back and forth, usually when working close together for some of the demos, but will remove when we’re spread out and having discussions.

Questions on Workshops? (303) 321-7101 or

Cancellation Policy

You may receive a full refund with a 30 day notice, otherwise there are no refunds. If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, and provide 14 days notice before the workshop, you will be placed in the next available workshop. The option to move is only available as a one-time option. At any time you may gift to a friend to take your place. There are no refunds/rescheduling for not showing up to the workshop.

File Upload Information

After registration please click on the above link to review instructions for file set-up and upload. Please do not upload files until you have officially registered for a workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: Files are due a minimum of 2 working days before workshop.


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