Embrace the charm.

Established August 2007, Ink Lounge started out simply as a print making gallery with a handful of screen printing workshops created by graphic designers, Stu & Nicky Alden. More or less a playground as an experiment to get away from their computers and to get back in touch with pencils, pens, ink and paper.

The phrase "Embrace the Charm" comes from the little imperfections that is the stereotypical aesthetic of screen printing that they teach in their workshops.

But over the years it evolved as most creative playgrounds do. Stu continues to work full time screen printing posters, designing for clients, and teaching workshops. Nicky has a full time design job for the State of Colorado, but helps out with some workshops plus screen printing her own fun unique designs on all sorts of fabric items.

Squeegee: Studio Ambassador

Squeegee joined Ink Lounge June of 2016. Her sparkling personality is what got her in the door, but we admit her enthusiasm for working with kids is what ultimately got her the job. Currently she's here part-time and if you stop in, she'll most likely bark at you to let everyone know you're here... nothing personal.

Stu Alden: Creative Exploreremail

Stu is an odd mix of things from graphic design to screen printing – mechanic, builder, violinist, studied music, math, elementary education, art & design, lived in New Zealand, has traveled to 6 continents and all 50 states... yup chock full of a lot of random things. If you visit the studio you'll understand as along with art prints – he's crafted multi-purpose workbenches, stairs with shelves in the side, 2 washout booths and more. He's rebuilt a 1966 El Camino and in the middle of restoring and swearing at a 1965 Cushman scooter. He's also served as AIGA CO President, Education Director, Events Director and taught design at several of the local universities.

Nicky Alden: Ink Charmer

Nicky's a graphic designer, illustrator, copywriter and screen printer who is curious about almost everything. She also has a sweet side and loves donuts, cupcakes, puppies – and to offset the sweets, she makes some time for gardening and running  (3-5Ks, marathons - even a triathlon). Her pedigree includes Creative Director at Bonfils Blood Blood Center for 8 years and designing in the creative department at Chipotle. She's served as AIGA CO Vice-President an Partnership Director, and has taught design at Metro State University in Denver. She currently works full-time as a graphic designer for the State of Colorado.

Every once in a bit people say some nice stuff about Ink Lounge.

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FYI it’s listed as a class, but really more of an overview so we strongly recommend you still find a local workshop wherever you are. Yup!

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