all ages. all abilities.

We love to print and share our knowledge as we find the process super sweet and satisfying. You get to make things by hand that can be 100% art or 100% functional, or a mix – and the process is 100% accessible for all types of people. Below we have monthly workshops available from craft projects to learning the whole process. Nifty!

Open Studio * we have a 2 options for you to schedule Open Studio hours to print your own projects. You can take either Beginning Ink workshop (see below CraftShops) where you will qualify for the normal Open Studio rate. Or if you take one of the Wednesday CraftShops,  you will qualify for the assisted Open Studio rate. Visit the Open Studio page for details.

Print Party * let us help you plan a birthday party (any age), special occasion event, or a unique company team building.

Schools * we do presentations, tours or workshops for all education levels.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations with less than one week notice are non-refundable. Cancellations with more than one week notice will receive store credit.

Wednesday CraftShops

CraftShops are taught by a unique mix of Denver screenprinters who have a specific process they love to do and want to share.

Craftshops are similar to workshops, where you get to sample a variety of techniques taught by various instructors. Each class is about 2.5 hours with a specific project and you will walk away with some new items you created and screenprinted by hand.

CraftShops also include some tasty snacks from Black Sky Brewery to keep your printing muscles going during the workshop. You'll also receive a craft beer coupon for a buy one get one free after the workshop at Black Sky, which is only a few blocks north on 5th & Santa Fe.

We'll be adding more for 2018!

Screenprint process workShops

Nicky and Stu also teach the full process once a month where it allows you to schedule Open Studio hours to print your own projects. If you're in a hurry you can also schedule a private lesson. We also have some hourly advanced instruction if you want to learn some new techniques or freshen up your skills.

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