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Screen printing workshops are taught by me, Stu Alden, a graphic designer, who professionally screen prints gig posters and art prints for local and national clients. Nicky Alden, a designer for the State of Colorado who commercially printed T-shirts for 5+ years, co-teaches the Intro class. So you're in good hands from local folks who knows their ink. If you have any questions free to give me a call at the studio: (303) 321-7101.

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It's not often that people cancel, but I can add you to the wait list if you email me your contact info:

Quick Overview:

Intro to Screen Print Workshop:
• whole process start to finish

• taught quarterly, 4+ times /year

• once you've taken a full process workshop you are eligible for Open Studio

Workshop Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds on workshop registration fees, but you may reschedule or gift to a friend. Cancellation with more than 2 weeks notice may reschedule to the next available workshop. Cancellation with less than 2 weeks notice is non-refundable, but may be transferred to a friend. There are no refunds for not showing up.

Workshop File Upload:
click here

Once you've registered (or before if you want to get an idea on what will be needed), please visit the following link to help you prepare for your workshop. Includes info on creating and submitting your file, design tips and where to park.

Ink Lounge Image Rights: click here

We do our best to uphold legal rights for all artists. In a nutshell, please bring art you have the right use, not something you borrowed from the Internet. Please visit the full link for more information and to become familiar with our image rights policy.

2020 Updates:
Good Ink Workshops

Create a Group Workshop/Tour:
• low cost workshops/tours specifically for educational programs

• fabric workshop for non-profits that need to screen print shirts/totes/etc.

• no longer doing birthdays or company social outings

• more details to come in December

Check out our BluPrint video trailer.

A mix between an overview and an introduction workshop. Once you've had a chance to watch we hope you find a local workshop wherever you are to try the process and get some ink on your hands! Visit BluPrint to watch the full episode.


Please Call First: Weekdays, 10:00am–5:00pm | Address: 29 S Fox Street, Denver, CO 80223

Email: | Phone: (303) 321-7101

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