team buildink.

Team buildings tend to be icky. Ice breaker questions, building an egg drop catcher, and of course the worst... trust falls. Flashbacks of being in a hotel conference room wishing you were anywhere but there, just looking forward to it being over so you could socialize without all the team exercises that do little to get people inspired.

We feel what people often need is a simple break from work, which is why we created team build-inks where we host 2 options to get your staff out of the cubicle, away from a PowerPoint presentation, with the chance to be creative with co-workers.

At the end of either workshop they will have had the chance to interact with co-workers in a more personal setting, problem solve some printing issues, and walk away with a new experience plus something they screenprinted as a team.

* per person fee starting at $30* person for light and $95* for bold
* plus additional studio fee of $50 per group

team build-ink light * 2-3 hours * 6 person minimum * maximum TBD

How it works: The light version is perfect for companies that just want to come in and do a happy hour project. It might be t-shirts with the company logo on one side and each employee customizes the other side – or taking an inspirational quote and make small prints. One group printed and assembled 100 sketchbooks for all their employees. But overall we have several types of projects we can suggest.

*Cost starts at $30 per person + $50 studio fee, but may need to be adjusted depending on project materials and quantity of final pieces needed.

team build-ink bold * 4-6 hours * 6 person minimum * maximum TBD

How it works: The bold version is perfect if you have a creative team that spends way too much time in front of the computer and want to learn the whole screenprinting process from start to finish or they might have an ambitious project they want to complete. It's a great process for creative groups to experience as it can be applied to many types of projects. We've had companies come in and do multiple color posters, calendars and even t-shirts for staff.

*Cost starts at $95 per person + $50 studio fee, but may need to be adjusted (up or down) depending on project materials and quantity of final pieces needed.

Give Stu a call or email to chat on the possibilities. (303) 321-7101 * email

Here's a peek at some Team Build-Ink photos from the past few years. Many are from our old studio, but the Integer set shows off the new space pretty well.

Integer * photos

Tack Mobile * photos

Crocs * photos

Think360 Board * photos

Integer * photos

Oz Architecturer * photos

Get Outdoors Colorado * photos

Greenhouse Partners * photos

Urban Peak * photos

Mondo Robot * photos

SmartWool * photos

Sparkfun * photos

EffectiveUI * photos

Allegro Coffee * photos


What do you provide? We'll have all the basic utensils, plates, napkins, water, etc. along with a fridge to store anything you need to bring.

What days and times are you available? We are available Monday-Saturday and most evenings during the week. Usually it just depends on if we have other workshops or craft fairs scheduled.

Can we make it a party? Yup. You're more than welcome to even bring music, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Do you require a deposit? Yes, once we chat and confirm a workshop date/time we require the studio rental fee as a deposit to hold your date.

Is the above set in stone? Nope. In fact one of the things we love about screenprinting is that it is so versatile. We're also pretty chock full of ideas – so feel free to ask on any of the above as we can usually find a way to make everything work for your needs.

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