Suitable for framing.

There's something really fascinating about watching your design transform from the pen or screen – to layers of ink being screen printed on paper one at a time. Where in the end it becomes a tactile piece of art you can hold in your hands or is framed up on a wall. And where I understand budgets don't always allow screen printing to be used for every project, I will try to find ways to be efficient on various levels to allow this process to be a viable option for your project. And true to my word, I don't miss deadlines, never ever. Yup! Plus with more than 25 years of design experience, I can give you some tips to take advantage of screen printing techniques to enhance your project.

Poster & Flat Stock Screen Print Estimate

Fill out following form to get us details and review the Ink Lounge Image Rights Policy to make sure we're on the same page. A friendly reminder, we do not print on fabric.

Billing Process: once an estimate is approved, a full invoice is submitted. If the project total is under $500.00, payment is due at project start to keep everything on schedule. If the project total is more than $500, then 50% of the total is required at project start with the remainder due on completion. All invoices are due before projects leave the studio.

Please Note: if a project is a rush, 100% of fees are due at start.

Great Local Fabric
Screen Printers

If you need a fabric screen printer, here's some companies we know and would recommend listed in alphabetical order:

A Small Print Shop
Blackout Screen Printing
Denver Print House
Indy Ink
Superior Ink


Take a Workshop!

If time isn't an issue, you can sign-up for the Introduction to Screen Printing workshop where you will learn the basics which will then allow you to schedule Open Studio time to print your own projects.

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Some recent projects plus a few workshops in the mix.


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