Yup! We can get you printing super quick.

We do our best to turn screens around in about 24 hours. We also have fresh new screens or we can use yours as long as they are still in good condition.

24 hours depends on a few things: we have limited staff on Saturday and closed Sunday/Monday. We try to keep all the screens sizes and meshes listed below in stock, but once in a bit we run low. We can also special order different mesh/sizes which adds about 4-5 days. For poster sizes with super fine detail and/or halftones, please add at least one day as we need to send files out to be printed onto larger transparencies.

But don't worry, we're flexible and will do our best if you're under a deadline.

Please submit the following form for each screen prep. You can upload all files at once.



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Screen Size Exposing Fees

18x20 – ideal image size 10x12

$59 New Screen * $38 Your Screen

20x24 – ideal image size 12x16

$65 New Screen * $38 Your Screen

23x31 – ideal image size 15x23

$89 New Screen * $60 Your Screen

25x36 – ideal image size 18x24

$80 New Screen * $110 Your Screen

File Specifications

Please make sure all files are sized to
100% final exposure/printing size.

File Type: PDF, JPG, AI, PNG, PSD, ZIP

File Size: if it is not a vector image, it needs to be 300dpi at 100% printing size

Color Space: solid black – no greytones

Usage Rights: please review our image rights policy as it also applies to screen prep and exposure * More Info

* Not 100% sure on the above? don't worry as we will confirm and discuss any file issues before exposing.

Need a little more help? We also have some digital templates available and trapping information on our resources page.

Give us a call if you have any questions:
(303) 321-7101

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