we're screenprinters
by design.

We like to say we offer state of the art printing – meaning we seek to work with other designers and artists to help their work become pieces of art. And with a zillion years of  graphic design experience in the studio, we find ways to make that happen.

When it comes to screenprinting for other people we have all the habits of graphic designers who aim to be super precise. We can register art with the best of them, we mix and test colors to your liking and we've been working in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign longer than most design companies have been in business. Plus we have a heap of tips on how to set-up files super proper for screenprinting.

Our commercial room includes an American Tempo semi-auto press that's perfect for printing posters, a Ryonet 4-station 4-head fabric press for super fine T-shirts, a Polycop 50x66 vacuum table, a Nuarc 6k single point exposure unit and a Challenge Champion 305 paper cutter – plus a whole heap more.

We also print on all sorts of materials including boxes, wood signs, binders, aprons, etc. – just give us a call if you have an odd type of project.

* Screenprinting Pricing & Estimate Request

Samples of commercial projects we've screenprinted
for other talented artists and designers.

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