embrace the charm.

When we started Ink Lounge it is was merely a playground and an experiment to get away from our computers and to get back in touch with pencils, pens, ink and paper; which has now grown into a full time 3,700 square foot screen printing studio. In our workshops we teach everyone the phrase “Embrace the Charm,” which celebrates the hand-done qualities that make each print unique and lets others know you spent time making it yourself.

Walk through our studio doors and a wall of smiling faces greet you; folks of all ages proudly holding items they have printed during a workshop. We offer screen print lessons for all abilities and teach workshops at the studio (for you, your friends or business), at schools around the state and even on location.

Taking a workshop is just the beginning. Not only can you return to schedule studio time, you can buy all the supplies needed to print on your own, purchase a screen printed item from other local artists or the owners, and even hire Ink Lounge to print and/or design for you.

You will often find screen print art openings and other local events on our schedule, at the studio and beyond, as our tie to non-profit groups and the community runs deep. The desire to work on things meaningful to us, including volunteering time, donating art/workshops, hosting student tours and more, is what we believe contributes to the studio's success. True to the company name, Stu also has a fine whiskey selection; and if you schedule a project meeting he might just share some with you.

We also feel this phrase applies to life. Every day there will be things that don’t go quite right – from your coffee dripping onto a shirt before a meeting – to a co-worker deciding Facebook is a priority over a deadline – to daycare calling and letting you know your child has learned some new colorful words.

So we share this phrase as we feel it applies to all the little things in life that happen outside of our control. And in order to survive day after day - we too have learned to embrace the charm as a simple way to appreciate the hiccups along the way that make each day unique.

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