Practice, print, repeat.

I offer my workshop area for screen printers since it is not in use 100% of the time. Please read all the information thoroughly as you must be able to print independently and abide by the studio rules. To put it simple: if you do not know how to print, you need to take a screen printing workshop before requesting time. It does not matter where, but you are required to have experience printing since I am only available to troubleshoot printing issues during Open Studio hours.

Open Studio is for water-based ink screen printers that are able to print independently without instruction including screen exposure and screen reclaiming. I am here to help print transparencies and give advice on printing issues that may come up where in the end my goal is to make sure you are efficient and successful – and the studio equipment is used properly and kept in good condition for the benefit of all screen printers.

$10 hourly fee includes: your own printing area, use of Ink Lounge screens and materials for coating, prepping and reclaiming. Please read information below for additional fees on consumable items: inks, transparencies, paper, etc.

$35 screen prep refresher: this option may be added to your appointment for 3 types of printers. 01: You took one of our shorter Intro to Screen Printing workshops and need to learn these steps. 02: You've taken a full workshop where it's been a few years and you need some reminders. 03: You took a workshop somewhere else and it's your first time using the studio. We will go over choosing the correct screen mesh, coating, exposing, reclaiming, and printing transparencies. Please note: it does not cover file set-up, registration, or printing. It will also add about 45 minutes and the $35 is added to the $10 hourly fee.

Open Studio Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am-5pm

Please fill out the Open Studio Request Form to get started. I will do my best to confirm within 1 business day.
If you need come in today or tomorrow, please call the studio to check availability: (303) 321-7101

Open Studio Fees

Printing Templates & Trapping Info

Download on Resource Page

Open Studio Rates

• $10/hr that includes your own printing table, use of screens, emulsion, exposure unit, wash-out booth, tape, etc.

1 hour minimum

$35: screen prep option fee if requested


You are required to bring your own materials to print on, although I do have a limited supply of 20x26 cover weight paper in many colors. Fee is$1/sheet which I can cut to smaller sizes. Call to check (303) 321-7101.


Ink: $1.25/oz | Jar is weighed before and after to charge accurately. You may bring your own as long as it is water-based –  plastisol is not allowed.


I only print transparencies for open studio printers and screen prep orders.

8.5x11=$2 | 11x17=$4 | 13x19=$5
NEW 18x24=$15

Screen Sizes Available

18x20 (approximately 10x12 image)
20x24 (approximately 12x16 image)
23x31 (approximately 15x23 image)
25x36 (approximately 18x24 image)


Open Studio is not a drop in situation as I often run workshops that take up the entire studio. But I will do my best to accommodate everyones schedule.

Open Studio is not an opportunity to bring your clients or friends in for a demonstration as it is disruptive to the working environment of the studio.

Please be on time as I stagger printers by 30 minutes so we don't have overlap in coating and exposing.

• Last pull at 30 minutes prior to studio closing in order to give you time to clean up, reclaim screens and/or heat set fabric items.

Your files need to be ready to print to transparencies. I do have some templates and more info on the resource page to assist you or the person helping you set up your final files.

You can bring a helper, but you are the one doing the printing as this is not a chance for you to teach others how to print.

Image Rights Please click to read as all are required to adhere to the policy

Entrance & Parking

The main entrance is located on the west side of the building, accessible through the alley. PLEASE NOTE: Alley entrance is only accessible from Ellsworth, between Fox and Galapago. Look for the big sign!

There are 3 spots available plus a 15 minute drop off/pick up spot. If they are full you can also street park and walk down the alley.


Please Call First: Weekdays, 10:00am–5:00pm | Address: 29 S Fox Street, Denver, CO 80223

Email: | Phone: (303) 321-7101

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