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Ink Lounge has 2 options for screenprinters to schedule open studio time to print projects. Our goal is to make sure you are efficient and successful – and studio equipment is used properly and kept in good condition for the benefit of all printers.


Open Studio

The Open Studio rate is for printers that have completed the Ink Lounge Beginning Ink workshop or one of our private Beginning Ink workshops.

In order to qualify for the Open Studio rate you must be able to work independently in the following areas: coating screens, exposing screens, registration of art work, printing, and reclaiming screens.

We're here to help print transparencies and give advice on printing issues to make sure your prints are coming out super fine.

Please make sure your files are ready to print with registration marks if needed. (templates)

Hourly Fee Includes: your own printing area, use of our screens and materials for coating, prepping and reclaiming.

Please see right column for any additional fees.


Assisted Open Studio

The Assisted Open Studio rate is for printers that have experience working in other studios, or it's been awhile since you took Beginning Ink and need some advice from a Studio Assistant to help troubleshoot during the printing process. If you have only taken shorter craft workshops we can help you print 1 color items.

If you have never exposed screens, we charge additional fees on top of the Assisted Open Studio fees to coat/expose/reclaim. Fees are listed under screen sizes to the right.

Hourly Fee Includes: your own printing area, use of our screens and materials for coating, prepping and reclaiming.

Please see right column for any additional fees.


Open Studio Hours: effective Aug 1, 2018
Tuesday-Friday: 10am-5pm, Saturday: noon-5pm

Please fill out the Open Studio Request form to get started. We will do our best to confirm within 1 business day.

* If you need come in today or tomorrow, please call the studio to check availability:

(3o3) 321-71o1


* Open Studio is not a drop in situation as we often run workshops or events that may take up the entire studio. But we will do our best to accommodate everyones schedule.

* Because we stagger printers by 30 minutes, please be on time so we don't have too much overlap in coating and exposing.

* Last pull at 30 minutes prior to studio closing in order to give you time to clean up, reclaim screens and/or heat set fabric items.

* Open Studio is not a a place for you to teach a friend to screenprint – the only person printing is the person who has scheduled the time.

* EFFECTIVE AUG 2018: Your files need to be ready to print to transparencies as we no longer offer file setup services. If you need help in separating your art, scanning in images, add registration marks, etc. - please ask one of your graphic designer friends to assist. We have templates and more info on our resource page to assist you or the person helping you set up your final files.

Image Rights * Please click to read as all are required to adhere to the policy

* Fabric Printers Please Note
We no longer provide test T-shirts, so you will need to bring your own shirts to run tests on. Paper printers – you're OK as we have plenty of paper to test inks.

Open Studio Fees

Printing Templates & Trapping Info

* Download on Resource Page

Open Studio Rates

* Per Hour*: $10 - Open Studio
* Per Hour*: $20 - Assisted Open Studio

* Please note we do have a 1 hour minimum.


* Ink: $1.25/oz | Jar is weighed before and after to charge accurately. We also sell 8oz and 32oz jars of ink in the shop.

Transparencies: we only print out transparencies for open studio printers, this is not a service for outside printers.

* 8.5x11=$2 | 11x17=$4 | 13x19=$5

Fabric Supplies/Equipment

* Platen Tape $2/sheet


You are required to bring your own materials to print on, although we do have a limited supply of 20x26 cover weight paper in many colors ($1/sheet which we can cut to smaller sizes) and blank T-shirts in white, grey and black. Please call to check inventory for your needs.

Screen Sizes Available

* 18x20 (approximately 10x12 image)
* $38 for us to Coat/Expose/Reclaim

* 20x24 (approximately 12x16 image)
* $38 for us to Coat/Expose/Reclaim

* 23x31 (approximately 15x23 image)
* $60 for us to Coat/Expose/Reclaim

* 25x36 (approximately 18x24 image)
* $80 for us to Coat/Expose/Reclaim

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Open by Appointment Only: Weekdays, 10:00am-5:00pm

Phone: (303) 321-7101 * Address: 29 S Fox Street, Denver, CO 80223