time and space to create projects

Ink Lounge has several options for people to schedule open studio time to print projects. Our goal is to make sure you are efficient with the process – and our equipment is used properly and kept in good condition for the benefit of others.


Call the studio to schedule: (303) 321-7101

Open Studio is not a drop in situation as we frequently run private workshops. Please call the studio with dates/times you’d like to come in and some info on your project: printing on paper or fabric, what size screens, how many and estimate of time you'll need for printing. Charges will begin at your starting scheduled time, so please be on time. Please give 2 days notice if you need to cancel or reschedule so we can be accommodating to everyone who schedules open studio time.


* hourly rate begins at scheduled printing time - please be on time
* printing must be completed 30 minutes prior to closing in order to give you time to clean up and/or heat set fabric items - abusing closing time may result in losing open studio privileges

Image Rights * Please click to read as all are required to adhere to the policy


Certified Open Studio * Full Access * $10/hr (discounted punch card available)

You are required to complete the Beginning Ink workshop or take a full private lesson. We are here to help print files onto transparencies and trouble-shooting printing issues. Fee includes materials for coating, including screens we have available. It also includes many of the materials you will need to prep screens. File prep fees may apply depending if additional work is needed to prepare files for printing. Ink is available and charged by weight used. You are required to bring your own materials to print on. Fees are listed in column to the right.


Non-Certified Open Studio * Limited Access * $20/hr

if you've taken a shorter craft workshop or have minimal experience, we do offer you the opportunity to use the studio to print projects where we prep your screens ahead of time and and assist in getting you started and help troubleshoot during the printing process. If you have your own screens please drop off no later than 1 day before your scheduled time.

PLEASE NOTE: the following screen prep fees will be added to prepare for printing

File Prep: $50/hr, $5 minimum (most files are at the minimum)
Screen Cleaning: $5-$10 (only charged if you drop off screens and they need ink removed)
Coat/Expose: $20 for the average T-shirt size screen, $30 for larger poster sizes
Reclaim Screen: $5-$10 based on size (Please let us know if you want to keep your screen as that option is available for an additional fee)
Transparencies: $2-$5 depending on size (see right column)


Experienced Printer Open Studio Certification * $25

If you are interested in using Open Studio and have extensive experience, we can schedule an interview and give you a short quiz along with some skills tests. We also require you bring a portfolio of work with no fewer than 10 projects. It usually takes about 30-45 minutes and if you pass the tests we'll do a short walk-through so you know where everything is in the studio, exposure times, etc.

We define extensive experience a few ways: A – You have either worked in a professional studio or B – You have spent years working on your own where you have a significant portfolio of work. This is not for people who took one or two workshops in college, high school, other studios and have not continued to create projects. This is for people who just need to know where things are in our studio, exposure times, etc.

If you do qualify for the quick certification, we also charge the non-certified rate for your first scheduled open studio time as we'll need to go over a bit more of the studio process specific to Ink Lounge that makes sense to complete when you're in printing an actual project.

If you don't pass the certification we offer a couple options: You may be close and just need to take the Studio Refresher (below) to go over some things, which we can schedule at the time of your interview. Or it may be that we recommend you need to take the full Beginning Ink workshop to get you fully certified.

Please call or email Stu to schedule interview: (303) 321-7101 * email


Studio Refresher * $60
More info on the workshop page under Private Hourly Instruction

The studio refresher is for two types of people: Those that took an Ink Lounge workshop several years ago and haven't continued printing and would like to get back into it, or folks who have taken full process workshops at other studios and need to become familiar with our process in order to use the studio efficiently. We will need to review the curriculum that was taught to make sure it is close to our process. For both individuals it must have been within the last 2 years that you completed a full workshop.

Please call or email Stu to schedule interview: (303) 321-7101 * email


Open Studio Fees

Printing Templates

* Free on our Resource Page

Open Studio Hours

* Tuesday & Thursday: 10am-8pm

* Wednesday & Friday: 10am-6pm
* Saturday: noon-6pm

Open Studio Rates

* Per Hour: $10 - certified full access
* Per Hour: $20 - non-certified limited access

* 10 Hour Punch Card: $75 (certified only)

* Monthly Memberships: see options below left


* Ink: $1.25/oz
Jar is weighed before and after to charge accurately. We also sell 8oz and 32oz jars of ink in the shop.


* HP Laser - OK for some things

8.5x11: $1 | 11x17: $2

* Epson Inkjet - best for everything

8.5x11: $2 | 11x17: $4 | 13x19 $5

Fabric Supplies/Equipment

* Platen Tape $2/sheet

Digital Service Fees

* Scanning: 8.5x11-11x17: $5 for 300dpi B&W

* File Prep Fee: $50/hr, minimum $5

Screen Sizes for Fabric Printing

* Aluminum 18x20 OD 110 Mesh

* Aluminum 20x24 OD 110 Mesh

Screen Sizes for Paper Printing

* Aluminum 25x36 OD 180 Mesh

* Aluminum 23x31 OD 156, 180, 230 Mesh

* Aluminum 20x24 OD 180 Mesh



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