Mobile press rental

If you’ve ever seen someone screenprint a T-Shirt at an event, you probably thought to yourself, “I bet I could do that.” With a little bit of knowledge, you can!

Ink Lounge has several presses that we rent where it includes 1 hour of training so you know what to look for to ensure the print is going to look super fine. These single-color T-shirt presses are simple enough that nearly any age can pull a print. They can be used for T-Shirts, tote bags, tea towels - all sorts of fabric items as long as they are flat and smooth. Some small paper items too.

Includes 1 Hour of Training!
We'll go over everything you need to know for running this press at an event where you can do all the printing at the event, or you can oversee attendees pulling their own prints, or a mix of both. Seriously – it's pretty simple.

Please make sure you review the following fees – and if it sounds like it might be a good option, go ahead and fill out the form to get us going. Once we get your request we'll call to go over all the details and setting up your training date.

Fun for company events, birthdays, beer releases - pretty much any occasion where everyone gets a chance to pull a squeegee.



Rental fees cover a 2-3 day event.
Payment for equipment is required ahead of time,  payment for consumables upon return.

Mobile Press: $200.00 / includes 1 hour of training and 2 screens of the same art

$75.00 each additional press and includes another set of 2 screens (same art or unique to that press)

Flash Dryer: $25.00 if needed

Ink Fees: $26.00/36oz jar of ink or $1.25/oz if less than 1/2 of the jar is used. One Jar is usually good for about 100+ shirts. We can supply extra jars, where any unopened may be returned for no charge.

Shirts: we can help order shirts if needed

Renter is responsible for lost or damaged equipment.

* Lost/Torn Screen: $26.00/each
* Lost Press: $100.00/each
* Broken/Bent Clamps or Platen: $20.00 each
* Lost/Broken Flash Dryer: $200.00
* Lost Heat Wands: $20.00/each
* Lost Squeegees: $25.00/each

Cancellation Policy: deposit may be returned prior to training. Deposit is forfeit once training has been completed. There is no refund once equipment has been picked up

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