March is Denver's Month of Printmaking!

2018 Mo’Print * check out their website for details on all the events happening this March.

Ink Lounge is excited for all the events going on this March. We have a heap of workshop all month long and we a special Ink Mixer event on the 24th after the studio tours that everyone is invited to come celebrate.

* Studio Tours | Saturday, March 24 | 10am-4pm | details

Get out and see all the unique printmaking studios where you can meet the printmakers and see their studios.

* Ink Mixer | Saturday, March 24 | 5pm-8pm | details

After the studio tours Mo’Print and Ink Lounge are hosting an after-party here at Ink Lounge where we've invited all the studio owners and tour participants to stop in and relax with some free adult beverages from Ratio Beerworks – and meet and chat with many of the studio owners.

* Embrace the Charm | Screenprint Exhibit, March 24 | 5-8pm

Ink Lounge is working on a screenprinting exhibit to be up for the Ink Mixer, where it's going to be all about how versatile screenprinting is and the charm it brings to the printmaking process. CMYK, spot varnishes, metallics, split-fountains, fabric discharge, giant art prints, wearable prints – you name it – we're going to show off what screenprinting can do and how we apply it to a great many things.

* Screenprinting Workshops | March | schedule

Check out our schedule of screenprinting workshops and craftshops for all ages to celebrate the Month of Print!

29 S Fox Street, Denver CO 80223 * CONTACT