good causes come in all shapes, sizes & colors.

Our goal was never to be the greatest screenprinting studio in the world. Instead we do our best to be known for providing super fine printing, teaching inspiring workshops, creating problem-solving design – and most importantly, being a good creative resource for the community that surrounds us.

So even though screenprinting isn't going to save the world, we’d like to share our resources and knowledge to help support those that are doing good things for the community. Which is why we started Good Ink Saturdays, where we will work with and show you how to pull prints on T-shirts or other items.

How does it work?

First:  You must be a non-profit, school, church, organization, etc. that is in need of fabric materials screenprinted to help you find success in what you do.*

Some examples: shirts for non-profit staff/volunteers or youth church retreat – or possibly some tote bags you're giving away or selling at a fund raiser. If you're a designer working with one of these groups feel free to call as well.

Second: You will need to provide people to do the printing, but we'll get you set up and assist along the way.

What are the costs involved?

We’ll donate our hourly studio fee so the costs involved are screen preparation, ink and shirts if you need us to order. Screen preparation is approximately $30 per screen to cover materials necessary. Ink is $1.25/oz where it is weighed before and after and charged by the amount you use. One ounce will print approximately  5-10 shirts, but may vary depending on the coverage of ink needed. If you need to purchase shirts we also have a wholesale account where you have many options available including other fabric items.

What days and times is this available?

Saturdays from noon-6pm where we’ll do our best to be available. Other times may be available if project has a specific deadline, but we can discuss more based on your needs once we chat.

How many people do we need to provide?

A minimum of 2, but this also depends on the quantity of items printed as you may need a few more hands. At the same time if you have 4-5 people that do want to help print and be involved that is 100% fine.

How many items can we print?

Usually 10-100 would be ideal for the amount of time. For higher quantities we’ll discuss some options.

What can we print on?

Shirts, tote bags, hoodies, koozies, etc - mainly flat fabric items. But we do print on a great many things so we can discuss other options, including paper.

How long is this going to take?

Usually about 30-45 minutes to get setup and about 1 hour to print 30-45 single-sided items.

How many colors can we print?

For best results we request 1 color art, but you may be able to do 2 colors depending how the art is set-up. You may also print both sides if needed. If you have a project that goes past this initiative, we also have non-profit rates for commercial printing to help you out. More Info

What if we have an idea, but we don't have a final design?

We're also graphic designers so if needed, we will donate time to assist with some simple designs and file preparation. If you have a more involved design project we can introduce you to other local designers who are willing to donate a bit more time with your design.

Is it OK if we found a design on-line that we like and want to use?

Unfortunately you must abide by copyright laws. But we have an entire page with more education for you to take a peek at if you're not sure on your art. Usage Rights Info

Can you come help us print at our location?

Unfortunately we are only able to offer this opportunity here at our location as we have all the equipment necessary to be super efficient with the process.


Please contact us discuss your project. Thanks!

studio: 303-321-7101 * email:

* Please notewe are non-discriminatory towards any religion, race, age, sexual orientation, ink color, etc. But if your message is negative or purpose is to exclude others – we will respectfully decline this service. The spirit of the initiative is to help others who are making a positive difference in the community around us.

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