We meet deadlines.

We understand budgets don't always allow screen printing to be used for every project, but we do try to find ways to be efficient on various levels to allow this process to be a viable option for your project. And true to our word, we don't miss deadlines, never ever. Yup!

Here's some options for fabric printing:

Even though we teach fabric screen printing, we don't print commercially as there are really great companies in Denver that are set up proper to crank out what you need. At the same time we realize some printers have minimum quantities where you may have a  small order or you need it super quick. We have a few options for you to consider:

Take a Workshop

If time isn't an issue, you can sign-up for the Introduction to Screen Printing workshop where you will learn the basics which will then allow you to schedule Open Studio time to print your project.

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Assisted Screen Printing

If you're in a hurry, have some ambition, and possibly a little experience pulling a squeegee – then there is a chance we can set-you up with Assisted Fabric Screen Printing where we do the screen prep ahead of time. We then schedule a day, where upon arrival we'll help you register your art, give some tips on printing, help with the 1st few, and off you go.

Some good examples: youth club or band in need of 25 shirts, or a non-profit that needs 50 volunteer tote-bags, or maybe some quick shirts needed for a weekend event.

You are required to call first to go over what you're hoping to accomplish:
(303) 321-7101

Please Read the Following

• This option is only available for 1-color fabric printing. Printing 2 sides is OK.

• Availability is not guaranteed and based on current schedule.

• For printing of more than 10 items we can also assist in ordering fabric items.

• For quantities of less than 15 you will also need a helper.

• $25/hr plus $38 per screen prep needed.

• Payment is required once a date has been scheduled. Screen prep and 1 hour of time scheduled is non refundable.

Great Local Fabric
Screen Printers

If you need a proper fabric screen printer, here's some companies we know and would recommend listed in alphabetical order:

A Small Print Shop
Blackout Screen Printing
Denver Print House
Indy Ink
Superior Ink


Screen Print Estimate

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