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Nicky and Stu (that’s us) are graphic designers first – where Ink Lounge and the craft of screenprinting grew from this skill we have honed over years and evolved into a company. Initially we were inspired to design and print our own projects – and from there began teaching the process – which continued to grow and expand as we discovered new ways to apply our craft. Currently we run a really great screenprinting studio complete with workshop space, commercial screenprinting services and a retail area with supplies. But, if you had asked us when we started if this was the path we had envisioned, we would have said: “Don’t be silly – we’re simply doing this for fun since we’re graphic designers firs.” Which at the time was the honest truth.

Many of us have a similar story of how we’ve managed to prosper following a non-traditional path. But what we often find is, where many folks have great products and services to offer; they have a difficult time in making the connection between the quality of their product and how it looks; or the story behind their services and explaining the unique benefits to their customers.

This is the challenge that we help small companies overcome. It might be that you have a great jam, but your packaging and market booth presence makes it appear your kids made it. Or you have services similar to other companies and you’re having difficulty finding the right words to define what is unique to your company.

Below is a visual sampling of companies we have worked with to help their brand align with the business they started. From small updates, to major overhauls; from single projects, to longer partnerships – we work to create unique solutions to help folks continue to grow their business in ways that are authentic to their company and who they are. In the end, we want your customers to remember your products and services, which in turn helps you continue to be inspired in crafting your own unique path in life. And since we’re screenprinters – we can help apply your brand to all sorts of items you might need if relevant.

Curious? At a minimum, we’d be more than happy to meet to chat about your needs and see where the conversation leads us. No commitment. No super sales team. Just us, Nicky and Stu. Well... and maybe Squeegee if she’s in that day. Feel free to give us a call: (303) 321-7101

* Below are some samples of design projects for clients we've done.

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