all ages. all abilities.

Our screenprint workshops are held in a working studio where we practice what we preach every single day. We screenprint all sorts of items from fabric T-shirt projects for local breweries – to gig posters for national bands – to prints for talented artists. And we love to share our knowledge since the process is super sweet and 100% accessible for all types of people. Plus you get to make something unique by hand!

When you click on the tabs below you'll discover workshops that are suitable for all ages and experience levels. We also have many unique types of craftshops to let you experience the versatility of screenprinting to make something pretty cool.

* Need to rent studio space by the hour to print projects? Visit the Open Studio page for details.
* Looking for a way to make your event unique? Visit the Print Party page for details.
* Want to bring your students by for a tour or project? Visit the School page for details.

Collaboration Craftshops * Hey, what are you working on?

These extended Craftshops combine local creative businesses where we come together to make something extra sweet. So in a sense – it's 2 workshops in 1 where you'll be combining 2 unique processes to make a final project. The collaborator will either come to our space, or for some projects we'll be visiting their studio to start (or complete) the project.

* Sometimes Shopify is buggy - if workshops aren't showing below please click here to view workshops on our Shopify page.

Cancellation Policy: There are NO refunds or store credit given at any time for Collaboration Workshops, but may be transferred to a friend. Please email Nicky to let us know if your plans have changed.

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