* Online Shop
* Brick & Mortar

We have all sorts of items for sale both online and here at the studio including screenprinting supplies.


* First Fridays
* Upcoming Markets

We've reinvented our First Fridays into micro-markets where we have some fun things planned - take a peek!


Make a project or learn the full process where you can become certified to schedule open studio.


We screenprint commercially for those that are looking for something unique and like to keep their clothes clean.

Things We Like * #inkloungedenver

Here's pics and posts of all sorts of things we like to share. From new work we've printed for ourselves or others, recent workshops, events, more or less what makes up the culture of Ink Lounge...

Ink Lounge is a Denver based screenprinting studio that is chock full of all sorts of things for the community.

Take a look around the site or stop in if you're curious and have questions about what all we can do for you and with you.

29 S Fox Street, Denver CO 80223 * CONTACT